Hot Pockets for President!

This has to be your best posting ever*

I’ve actually replying to Trump’s tweets, Recently he criticized another company going to Mexico and I gave him the advice to bribe them and they might stay. I’m trying to be helpful.

*not based on fact

But is based on fact that I am now replying to Trump’s tweets and I strongly suggest that EVERBODY respond. Yeh, Donald Baldwin did a lousy impression of you, right on dude.

The Rotting Post

As a matter of principle, The Rotting Post does not endorse commercial products.  Our endorsement could cause a run on a product, disrupt the free market, send the global economy into a tailspin, and lead to widespread anarchy.   But when it comes to Hot Pockets, we must make an exception.


Why?  To begin with, just look at this packaging:


That’s right.   It actually cites a made-up taste test and then says, “Not based on a fact.”

This is packaging for our new, post-factual world!  For the future!  Thank you, Hot Pockets.   And to show our gratitude, we would like to offer you, for free, the use of this this catchy new advertising slogan:

People Just Love the Delicious Taste of Hot Pockets*

*not based on a fact.

But out admiration of Hot Pockets does not end there.   In the upper right…

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Literal, Figurative and Symbolic Trump

What is truth?

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.” – Through the Looking Glass

“One thing that has been interesting this entire campaign season to watch is that people that say facts are facts, they’re not really facts. Everybody has a way, it’s kind of like looking at ratings or looking at a glass of half-full water. Everybody has a way of interpreting them to be the truth or not true.” – Scottie Nell Hughes


“And so Mr. Trump’s tweet, amongst a certain crowd — a large part of the population — are truth. When he says that millions of people illegally voted, he has some — amongst him and his supporters, and people believe they have facts to back that up. Those that do not like Mr. Trump, they say that those are lies and that there are no facts to back it up.” – Scottie Nell Hughes


“This is the problem with the media. You guys took everything that Donald Trump said so literally. The American people didn’t. They understood it. They understood that sometimes, when you have a conversation with people, whether it’s around the dinner table or at a bar, you’re going to say things, and sometimes you don’t have all the facts to back it up.” – Corey Lewandowski (Washington Post)

I don’t expect much from this president, above all don’t expect to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Just sad, really sad.

Trickle Down Economics

“First got to privatize then you get to piratize”

Dedicated to Donald J Trump and his cabinet team of deplorables


Picture on magazine boardroom pop star
Pinstripe prophet of peckerhead greed
You say ‘Trust me with the money — the keys to the universe’
Trickle down will give us everything we need

Brand new century private penitentiary
bank vault utopia padded for the few
And it’s tumours for the masses coughing for the masses
Earphones for the masses and they all serve you

Trickle down give /em the business
Trickle down supposed to give us the goods
Cups held out to catch a bit of the bounty
Trickle down everywhere trickle down blood

What used to pass for education now looks more like ignoration
Take the people’s money and slip it to the corporation
Yellow rain golden shower pesticide firepower
Summon feudal demons of sweatshop subjugation

Workfare foul air homeless beggars everywhere
Picturephone aristocrats lounge around the pool
Captains of industry smiling beneficently
Leaking hole supertanker ship of fools

Trickle down give me the business
Trickle down supposed to give us the goods
Cups held out to catch a bit of the bounty
Trickle down everywhere trickle down blood

Take over takedown big bucks shakedown
Schoolyard pusher offer anything-for-profit
First got to privatize then you get to piratize
Hooked on avarice- how do we get off it?

Trickle down give me the business
Trickle down supposed to give us the goods
Cups held out to catch a bit of the bounty
Trickle down everywhere trickle down blood

Trickle down give me the business
Trickle down supposed to give us the goods
Cups held out to catch a bit of the bounty
Trickle down everywhere trickle down blood

Trickle down

Four More Years of This? Eight?

Follow Donald Trump on (No kidding, he actually has a page)

Fidel Castro once delivered a marathon 4 hour and 16 minute speech to an enthusiastic New York audience. He spoke of the AIDS pademic in Africa and the caloric intake of Cubans.

Fidel is dead but we have  guy that loves rallies, he loves them so much he is on sore-winner tour. The crowd cheers “Lock her Up” and “USA”. Demonstrators get ejected, and the President-elect basks in the glow of their adoration.

He railed  about the press, made fun of Martha Radditz for crying when he won, talked about Katy Tur “getting it wrong”.  The audience of deplorables ate it up. I was suprised to see that the wall came back into his stand-up monologue. I assume this will be a high priority for his infrastructure initiative.

I guess this will be the new reality. Donald on perpetual tour doing his greatest hits. Ugh, I don’t like being part of the Apprentice Show.


Hey Trump, don’t trash my state

No one has ever died using my Amazon Link on Cyber Monday, that cannot be said of Black Friday

The Commander in Twitter typed this today:


I didn’t vote for this guy, and I hope that we can survive under the Kakistocracy of his reign.  However I have to ask in which recess of his adolescent brain did the idea that New Hampshire has SERIOUS voter fraud? I can vouch for my state. When we go to the polls we have to present a photo ID. We mark PAPER ballots which are read by an optical scanner. There is physical evidence of how we vote.  Why does this guy have such a problem with telling the truth?

After he won the election I told myself that I needed to take a break. I was unhappy with the result and there was nothing else to do but donate money to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, NRDC, SPLC, and ProPublica.

I told myself to stop blogging about the guy and posting to Facebook. But the guy is going after the state that I call home and that I love. Why pick on Virginia, a beautiful state?  I was stationed in California in the Navy, what a great place. Why single that out? What the hell is wrong with this guy? Can you believe he actually won?

I have only questions, no answers. Sometime in the future presidential historians will write books about this. I hope I’m around to read them.


If I Could Sing, I’d Be a Really Great Vocalist

A shared affliction

The Rotting Post

I really like singing.  Actually, it’s kind of a problem.

Is there such a thing as Musical Tourette Syndrome?   I think I might have it.

I sing really bad songs.  Catastrophically bad songs.  At the worst times.  Without realizing it.   I’ll be on a crowded elevator and I’ll realize somewhere around the 20th floor that I’ve been singing, “Love Will Keep Us Together,” by The Captain and Tenille since the lobby.  I’m up to the line, “You (you, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh) You belong to me now…” and I’ll realize what I’m doing and kind of let it peter out.

Or I’ll be at a funeral, my mind wandering, and I’ll call out,  “Heeey, Macarena,” realize people are looking at me, and mumble my way into prayerful reverie.  “Macarena sh’vua yud…”

I had an acute episode some years ago while  driving my teenage daughter and her best friend to…

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Our New America: The First 48 Hours

This was written before the Steve Bannon announcement

The Rotting Post

I had planned a humor piece for today but I am not really in the mood for it right now.

Instead I’m going to share my own thoughts and experiences surrounding the election.  Before I do, I should warn my readers:   I am one of those people who believes we can build a better, more equitable, more compassionate world, we can treat one another with decency and love, we can practice justice tempered with mercy.  There.  You’ve been warned.

I don’t know that I will ever understand what happened.  How this happened.   There were so many voices, from all parts of the political spectrum, issuing utterly unprecedented, dire warnings about the Republican candidate.  Conservative newspapers across the country not only refused to endorse him, but implored their readers to look hard into this man’s soul before choosing.   The Harvard Republican Club called him,  “a threat to the survival of…

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This old white guy

Still Learning To See

jrs-2-3 My wife and granddaughter leading the way!

It is time for this old white guy to take a further step aside to make more room for more of the world.

jrs-2-2 Where are we headed? Who is winning? Who is losing? Are we just chasing our shadows? So many questions!

Many old white men like me have too long tried our best to manage the world and, honestly, from my point of view our results are pretty terrible. It turns out life is simply not a sports event where one team can win, game over.

jrs-05362 Timeless fun in a pile of leaves.

jrs-02321 The house where my grandson pictures himself with his family. Isn’t this what we all want?

jrs-03014 One of my heroes in life, my father-in-law, picking hickory nuts, a job traditionally done by old men, probably in part because they/we value the time to simply think.

I’m ready to move over and make room…

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Ted Cruz Only Republican Left Endorsing Trump

The Rotting Post

Where’s Everyone Going?  I just got here.

HOUSTON, Texas – At a hastily arranged press conference today, Ted Cruz seemed stung by the string of unendorsements of Trump, shortly after Cruz himself had come around to finally supporting his former rival.  “Is it me?” he wondered aloud, breathing into his hand and trying to smell it.  “Why does everyone leave as soon as I arrive?”

Asked if he was going to unendorse Trump for the second time, Cruz said he was praying and doing a lot of poll-searching.  “Look,” he said, “What if I unendorse him again and then everyone else goes and re-endorses him again, just to mess with me?  I’m tired of these Washington games.”


Asked about Trump’s shocking “hot mic” comments, Cruz’s tone changed.  “Let me be clear,” he said, taking a couple of Tic-tacs.  “Women all over the country are offended at Trump’s treatment…

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