Ted Cruz Only Republican Left Endorsing Trump

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Where’s Everyone Going?  I just got here.

HOUSTON, Texas – At a hastily arranged press conference today, Ted Cruz seemed stung by the string of unendorsements of Trump, shortly after Cruz himself had come around to finally supporting his former rival.  “Is it me?” he wondered aloud, breathing into his hand and trying to smell it.  “Why does everyone leave as soon as I arrive?”

Asked if he was going to unendorse Trump for the second time, Cruz said he was praying and doing a lot of poll-searching.  “Look,” he said, “What if I unendorse him again and then everyone else goes and re-endorses him again, just to mess with me?  I’m tired of these Washington games.”


Asked about Trump’s shocking “hot mic” comments, Cruz’s tone changed.  “Let me be clear,” he said, taking a couple of Tic-tacs.  “Women all over the country are offended at Trump’s treatment…

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Against Donald Trump

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“In a society like ours, where every man may transmute his private thought into history and destiny by dropping it into the ballot-box, a peculiar responsibility rests upon the individual … For, though during its term of office the government be practically as independent of the popular will as that of Russia, yet every fourth year the people are called upon to pronounce upon the conduct of their affairs. Theoretically, at least, to give democracy any standing-ground for an argument with despotism or oligarchy, a majority of the men composing it should be statesmen and thinkers.” – James Russell Lowell, founding editor of The Atlantic, October 1860

Little Dream Catchers

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The short documentary Little Dream Catchers takes us to White Earth Nation in Minnesota—the state’s largest tribe with over 20,000 members. There, communities have been affected by drug addiction and unemployment, as well as a loss of culture due to forced assimilation for hundreds of years. It’s a moving film that centers around the necessity of early childhood education when it comes to returning to the tribal language and culture. “When you’re told for 500 years your ways are evil, that damages your self esteem,” says the writer Gyassi Ross at the start of the film. “Showing the beauty of the language is a small dent in reclaiming that self-esteem.” In the White Earth Nation in Minnesota, preschoolers learn school readiness while engaging in tribal rituals, such as pow-wows, to prepare for kindergarten with a sense of identity. – The Atlantic Magazine

Does he or doesn’t he?

Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor and onetime Democratic National Committee chairman, offered a qualified apology Friday morning for his repeated insinuations this week that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump might be a cocaine user.

“I would be very willing to apologize, not to Donald Trump, but I don’t think using innuendo is a good thing,” Dean said in an appearance on MSNBC.

Dean, who is a physician by profession, ignited controversy Monday night when he made remarks about Trump during the first presidential debate. Dean speculated on Twitter that Trump’s sniffling during the debate was the result of a cocaine habit.

Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?

Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Use

Do you think you see signs of drug use but you are not sure what drug is being used or how bad it is? If you suspect cocaine abuse by someone you care about, here are the signs of cocaine use you should watch for.

If a person is abusing powdered cocaine and they don’t want you to know, they may disappear to use the drug and then return in a very different mood. They may seem excited and act more confident and exhibit a greater sense of well-being. They may be more excited sexually and talkative. Their energy will be pumped up and they probably will not have very much appetite for food and will not have a normal sleep pattern.

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I Love You, Spamfolder People

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I Love You, Spamfolder People

A Roman à Spam

by Rottington Post

The following is based on the author’s actual spamfolder contents.  Names have been changed to protect the identity of the actual email bots.



From:       Lily Valentina

Subject:   Why Aren’t You B@nging Me?

Bang your neighbor, it’s totally normal! I am not about love and marriage, I am fully about sxx!  Busty girl-next-door 5’7”curves luvs 2 please.   We can play different roles.  Click me.
See ya soon!


From:      Rottington P.

Subject:  Re:  Why Aren’t You B@nging Me?

Thanks so much for the generous offer!
I’m so relieved to learn that it’s totally normal – and from an expert such as yourself.  I am already fantasizing about the normal things we will do together.  I’m all about sxx too.   Seems like we would have a lot in common.  By the way, I love your minimalist prose…

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My Cowardly Battle With Myocardial Infarction

This is too funny not to reblog

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I have a question.  Who are all these people who battle scary diseases, “with courage until the very end”?  Isn’t there anyone who battles them while throwing a tantrum like a baby?

In those dreadful hours when own my heart attack hit me, I sweated and hyperventilated and finally calmed my panic long enough to manage a single, transcendent thought:  I am going to be a coward about this.

This is my inspirational story.

The chest pains came over me last Halloween,  just after the trick-or-treaters had left.  You’d think God could have just toiled-papered my house or something.  But he had other ideas for me, evidently.

It turns out that the emergency room on Halloween is kind of a happening place.   I was soon stabilized, alert, very much not-yet-dead.   I found myself talking with a rather pleasant doctor – an Asian woman, Dr. Ling.


“You know,” Dr. Ling…

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A Hearty Welcome from the World Jewish Conspiracy

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There is no denying that we’re surrounded by dark conspiracies.  Just ask Donald Trump.   Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.?   Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the Kennedy assassination?    He’s just raising the questions.   Donald Trump practices bestiality with goats?   Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t.  A lot of people are talking about it.   That’s all we’re saying.

Naturally, in this environment, many of our readers wonder, “Is the Rotting Post part of the World Jewish Conspiracy?”

Well, as a matter of fact, we are.   Thank you for asking.  It’s all part of our master plan.  Do you see now how cleverly we control the media?   One day we’re telling innocent jokes about airplane food1, and the next day:  WORLD DOMINATION.    You want to tell a joke about airplane food?  Guess what?  We OWN the rights!  See how it works?

It’s fair to say…

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Standing Rock Protest

“All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian.” —Pat Paulsen

We had our fight, but it’s not over for Native People and the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline. Sadly this story is not getting enough coverage by the press and it should.