Think it’s easy being me? read on!

I attended a nice party of a former co-worker last saturday. The party was located about an hour and half from home. I brought along my reading glasses in case in needed to read anything. I always bring along to be prepared. It was a wise decision because the hostess had hired a piano player and we had a sing along. All the time I made a conscious effort to NOT put the glasses down on a table or counter with the full realization that I would leave without them (are glasses plural or singular?). Early this morning back at home I have no idea where they are. An isolated incident? NOPE!

I ‘m always losing track of car keys, my wallet and all the accouterments of modern life. I follow routines, try to put items in the same place so I can find them. It is hopeless. I have bought so many tape measures because I can’t find the 3 I already own. I only can find phillips head screwdrives when I have a slotted screw and vice-versa. I think I’m a bit mad.

Thankfully my sister had spent her life diagnosing me. At first she realized that I had Attention Deficit Disorder because she was reading a book about it. She leant me the book but I had a lot of other distractions and never got around to reading it. After that she did some more research and realized that I suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome. I have to agree with this diagnosis because it helps me bond with her son (my nephew). I’m looking forward to reading the book she has on this, if I can concentrate long enough. What does this have to do with the missing glasses? Nothing of course.

It’s not easy being me, but it is especially tough on my wife and friends. I have to admire their great patience and tolerance. When I misplace the glasses, keys and tape measures I roam around the house and rant endlessly about my fate. Thankfully my wife implores Saint Francis and he usually comes through in his role as patron saint of missing objects. I also tend to draw these patient folks into my decision making process, this is a role that understandably they would like to avoid…. but that is a subject for another posting

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