Better than a lawn

I wish I had kept better records. Over the years I would order fall bulbs from FEDCO and get a nice flower display in the Spring. Some of these have died out over the years but one variety has actually spread outside it’s planting bed. I suspect it may be a Scillia Siberica (Alba). It does have a wild hyacinth appearance. After experiencing the winter that wouldn’t leave,  these flowers were a most welcome sight.

Picture 1 (original plants)


Picture 2 (The “volunteers” spreading into the lawn)


Picture 3 (Detail of this delightful flower)


4 thoughts on “Better than a lawn

  1. These invaders of lawns don’t bother me as I suspect nor do they concern you. I can’t wait to see what variety of pansies will pop up around my lawn from my deck boxes! Beautiful…


  2. How refreshing to see these pictures. I have just done a wee bit of garden work at mom’s… so nice to see the daffodil’s greens just beginning to poke up… of course she still has some mounds of snow… remember Stephanie & Gary’s party last year April 21 with kid’s snow jumping?


  3. I think I have this flower/weed, or at least something almost identical. Barb Susan, the daffodils are long gone here. Even the azaleas (which have blossoms as big as dinner plates, almost), and the dogwoods are starting to go by. The irises are quite happy right now. The wisteria was amazing. The wisteria, dogwood, and azaleas all bloomed simultaneously. John has a bluebird couple and a chickadee couple in his backyard birdhouses. He has geckos in an old mailbox that he converted to a birdhouse. He is now working on a bark birdhouse for his Carolina wrens. And of course the hummingbirds dive bomb our heads when we sit out on his deck. Come on down! Barb


  4. I think I have this flower or something almost the same in my yard. Barb Susan, We have already gone beyond daffodils, dogwood, wisteria, and giant azaleas (sneezy stuff). The irises are now quite beautiful. Barb


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