Bring back the McCain of 2000

Today I managed to receive not one but two blatantly racist emails about Obama. I find this repulsive. I won’t honor these with a link or reference. Granted they did not come directly from his campaign but the recent “rallies” with his pit bull VP choice aren’t helping. When you see people in the crowd shouting “terrorist” and “Kill him” you just have to say, where is the McCain of 2000? Where are you John?

Let’s see Barack HUSSEIN Obama hangs out with a terrorist when he was 8. Omigod can we trust him?
What absolute crap. Where is John circa 2000?

Of course this has to be the strategy of a person who needs to change the subject as the economy implodes. The republicans love to channel Ronald Reagan who felt that “government was the problem”. Just let everything work itself out. What a great idea. Deregulation.. that’s the ticket.

I get a real kick about the complaints about the “Tax and Spend” liberals. Ahem, the money the 840 billion dollars is gonna come from somewhere, so the promises about “tax cuts” seems silly.

In 90 minutes, I’ll be watching the debate. I’ll confess that my mind is already made up. I just hope that the participants in the town meeting will have the good sense to ask some real question.

As a footnote, I ask that you check out the “Fact Check” links on the right side of this blog entry.


3 thoughts on “Bring back the McCain of 2000

  1. I am watching the debate. The difference is striking for me. In this debate / town meeting he seems to be waving the flag and hope we will blindly follow… “my friends”.. “Bring our troops home in victory”… As John P has asked in the past.. what does this victory look like… Why is McCain adulating “my hero” Reagan.. I agree about John’s comment “where is McCain of 2000?” He was a viable option in New Hampshire back then.. but it seems he had to suck in under the big GOP umbrella and lost himself in the way. Hmmm I wonder how Diebold is going to work the machines this year? Is Indiana the state to muck with? arrrghhh. I do find I need to do alot of yoga breathing to listen to all of this!


  2. McCain is a petulent puppet – I watched captions when he was on and turned on sound when Obama spoke. In last debate he pointed to Obama and said “that one voted for etc., etc.” Rude and undistinguished and unintelligle – yoga breathing? I needed alchohol.Regina


  3. I liked Maureen Dowd’s take on the debate. It also reminded me of how much I despised GW’s mud slinging at McCain in 2000. Funny how things work out. Check out the OP-ED on the right column under the slide show


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