Please let me do my job!

I received a typical telemarketer call today about a FREE GE wireless security system. I’m guessing the salesperson is located “offshore” because of his accent. I try to be somewhat polite with these calls even though I signed up for the DO_NOT_CALL registry.
He went on about insurance benefits and other features and I came up with a lame excuse about not having any money. Then he suprised me by stating “Please let me do my job!”. Obviously he had mastered his script and was not going to be cut short by someone who wasn’t paying close attention. I must add that I had music playing rather loud over my speakerphone setup. I decided to let him finish. He explained about the wireless features and the great savings with insurance. I even get a coupon to show to my insurance agent. After he was done he explained how his manager would be calling me.

While I waited for his manager, I re-registered on the DO NOT CALL registry which had apparently let me down. After a while I received a call from a guy in Rhode Island who wanted to talk to me. I’m not in the market for a home security system at this time but if you are, I would suggest giving them a call.

Or maybe just call them to chat



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