December Ice Storm in May?

The leaves are out but there are a number of trees that will never recover from the ice storm of December 2008. I’m eyeing 2 severely damaged popular trees that I’m sure that will die. I’m trying to determine if I drop them I can avoid having them crash through the kitchen window. I’m assuming that if I look at the top at a 45 degree angle I can guess the height. I haven’t been too successful lately with my logging. I managed to drop a tree on my 30 year old chain saw. The good news is that I didn’t drop the tree on my body. The bad news is that I am now in the market for a chain saw.

The town has arranged a brush pile pickup that is behind schedule and underfunded. A short drive around town shows the extent of the downed limbs. My pile is sparse and unkempt.


Of course there is always someone that excels at everything, they have the best Christmas light display, the nicest lawn, the neatest wood stack and of course the neatest (and biggest) brush pile.



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