Better get ready!

We have a few close calls in the last couple years. In mid August of 1987 we witnessed the Harmonic Convergence, a planetary alignment that was supposed be a global awakening of love and unity through divine transformation. I suspect that it didn’t quite happen that way.
Later we had the Y2K scare which was supposed to bring an end to civilization as we know it. I attended some neighborhood meetings and we discussed how we could help each other out when we lost power, food and fuel. We actually got a chance to implement our plans in December 2008 when an ice storm devastated our town.
These were merely preludes to the latest and greatest upcoming doomsday calendar event ever!
December 21 2012
I’ll leave it as a reader exercise to do some research including watching the History Channel videos which contain really ominous music, scary footage of natural disasters and stock footage of nuclear explosions.
More to come on this important topic as the day approaches. Don’t make plans for Christmas that year.

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