Scott Brown Victory in Massachusetts

Email is not the proper forum for discussion so I created a place-holder topic on this PUBLIC site to discuss the recent historic election of Scott Brown, a republican in the very blue state of Massachusetts. Keep it civil folks! I am the moderator of this blog and I can block comments that are off topic or nasty. The Democrats are already in a circular firing squad looking for someone to blame but this victory did not surprise me, even though I’m a bleeding heart liberal. I was upset with the special treatment that some of the senators got for supporting health care, or maybe jealous because our senator Jeanne Shaheen wasn’t clever enough to hold out for more.

I still have hope for Obama’s presidency, but I did detect a bit of back room Chicago style politicking. I didn’t care for the secret meetings when I was “hoping” for the transparency and the online postings of legislation.

So weigh in with your opinions here instead of sending “reply to all” emails. If you are a big supporter of Brown, explain it to the rest of us since he is already being tapped for President 2012 with Palin. If you want to bash Obama, explain it. If you are a “Birther” I’ll probably reject your comment. Have fun, and forego the email route.

Just add comments to this entry below:


9 thoughts on “Scott Brown Victory in Massachusetts

  1. Thank you John for providing this venue. We have always been a politically interested family and I remember 4th Street as a place where there was always a political discussion going on. That said, I wonder why there are those who are not happy about Scott Brown winning a Senate seat. I feel they do not understand where his supporters are coming from. For me, one reason is his desire to curb the present health care bill. Yes, we have an imperfect medical system, but it's still the best in the world (people come from all over the world for particular surgeries, treatment, etc. that can't be done elsewhere). We don't need the 2040 page complete overhaul proposed. It needs “tweaking” but not so drastic…tort reform is not in it as promised…no allowing competitive insurance across statelines…all of which were proposed by Repubs. And where is the transparency promised during Obama's campaign. I'm angry about all the closed door deals, the favors to Nebraska, etc. We need to clean house and Scott Brown will be a refreshing change. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  2. The election of Scott Brown feels like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. One party run doesn't serve our interests.

    Hopefully the message this sends is actually received in Washington. Republicans were shown the door because of their spendthrift habits and questionable deals. The Democrats misread the meaning of this and started down the same road only more so. Now they will be properly handed their head unless they can manage to clean up their act. I'm not holding out much hope for that.

    Let's hope that this year we see a new crop of people willing to get into politics for the purpose of really representing the interests of the folks that gave them the job. In NH, I have a sense that all our representatives up for election will be looking for new work this year.


  3. Disclaimer: I hate politics
    I live in MA and i did not vote.

    Why? Because I see no point in voting for the lesser of two evils I never have nor will I ever do this.

    I also see no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. The silly bickering they have is over things that i wouldn't even consider in my top 100 things that need to be done in this country. Also both parties would probebly agree to not support half of things i beleive need to be done.

    To me both Dems and Republicans are for big goverment nowadays they just bicker where they want to spend the money which we don't have.

    I wish we had a “no confidence” vote available. I doubt i'm the only one who stayed home not because they didn't want to vote but because they had no one to represent them.



  4. I realize how apathetic people can become, to the point where they don't even bother to vote. I always felt a vote for the Independent candidate is a “no confidence” vote. I'll admit I did vote for Scott Brown. I am am unenrolled (that always sounds so bad to me) voter. I voted for Martha in the primary as I think she does a great job as an AG and that it would translate to her as Senator. Sadly, her views on raising taxes and the Healthcare bill, plus the negative campaigning she ran, turned me away from her. Bad for her anyways, every vote does count. Scott Brown's views are ones I hold, for the most part. I don't feel terrorists have the same rights as we are afforded. Sorry, I know that sounds inhumane, but terrorists aren't humane anyways. Everyone has a right to their opinion and just because the candidate you voted for did not win, it does not mean all hope is lost, and does not give you\anyone the right to insult those who did vote for the person who won. If I had my choice, I'd abandon all political parties. We are all in the American Party aren't we?


  5. This is primarily for DryBread. I wonder why you live here. If you don't vote, you should not complain. Voting gives you the right to change what you don't like (i.e. Scott Brown winning). If you don't like our form of government, what keeps you here taking advantage of those who do believe in it and fight for rights and privileges that you avail yourself of. It's been working pretty darn well…I can still speak my mind, still go about freely, can still pursue my dreams. I can go to the doctor of my choice, choose my church, etc. Poor you. You don't sound like a happy person.
    and to John Weber – sadly, I'm hearing that Wash. thinks Coakley lost because of a poor campaign, NOT getting that the people don't like the way gov't is being run.
    An illustration of how politically interested we are, my daughter in law went to work as a volunteer for Scott Brown way back in the summer when he was a virtual unknown. Then she became the volunteer office manager of his Needham, MA hdqtrs. After the primary they offered her the job -paid. My husband drove around putting up signs on pre-approved properties. My daughter drove up to Wrentham from RI to make phone calls, my brother in law made phone calls, etc. Our system does work and it pains me to hear of people who don't vote.


  6. Thanks John for doing this.
    I was estatic when Brown won! It was glorious and wonderful to know that the people have spoken. We want to be heard. As cinnie said, the health care bill needs LOTS of tweaking… cram it down our throats is abhorrent to us. And I think that Washington has finally gotten the message !


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