Nina Winters – New Ipswich artist

There was an article in the Monadnock Ledger about sculptor Nina Winters. Nina spends some time in New Ipswich.

Winters, whose work on “Samurai” brought her to Oregon and Montana, says that the summers and autumns she spends in New Ipswich provide a much-needed reprieve from her high-paced globetrotting. “There’s such a sense of calm and purity,” she said, “and I can feel my potential when I’m there. It’s not intruded in upon by the city. I love urban environments, but when I’m there [in New Ipswich], it’s sort of just me and my creations. Everything just kind of settles down, it’s a very peaceful place to create.” Winters first landed in the Monadnock region in the late’70s, when she hopped from farmhouse to farmhouse in Temple, Jaffrey and Harrisville. She still remembers the day she went blueberry picking on Wildcat Hill and spotted a parcel of land near an eight-acre pond. “It was just an exquisite place,” she recalls, “and I thought, ‘Wow, I wonder if I could buy that?’” At that point, she says her connection to the landscape was too strong to break. “I said, I want to put some roots down here. I love it,” she said. “Except for the black flies, it’s the perfect place to live”


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