Bumblehive – More than George Orwell could have every imagined

“Defending our Nation. Securing The Citizens”
The Good Old Days
The NSA is constructing a massive data center in Utah code-named Bumblehive. The amount of computing power and storage of this facility is staggering. When I started working in the computer industry in the early 1970s disk capacity was measured in kilobytes. We had magnetic core memory boards which looked like fine tapestry. As I remember they were capable of holding a few thousand bits of data.
It was long before Kilobytes became Megabytes, Megabytes became Terabytes, Terabytes became Gigabytes, Gigabytes became Terabytes. My current PC has 1.35 Terabyte of storage with 612 Gigabyte of free space. It holds thousands of photos, programs, documents and  music files.
Technology advanced,  Terabytes became Petabytes, Petabytes became Exabytes. This data center will have storage measured in Zettabytes. That is a decimal number 10 to the 24th power. Of course tied to this storage will be a massive super computer. I can only imagine it becoming self aware at some point in my lifetime, just like HAL or Colossus: The Forbin Project.
I’m okay with this to some degree. After all I’m publishing this on Google’s Blogger platform. Google already knows everything about me and has my photos, home address and credit card information. I like Google, they promised to do no evil. I hope my government will do the same.
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