This is my final notice… if only it was true

Damn phone robo-call scum that call me every freaking day. Rachel, Heather and all the other recordings.

Voicemail from (406) 878-2601  

“This is your final notice as it relates to the financial stimulus so press one now to take advantage of this today.”

We have the NSA that can monitor EVERY phone call made by American Citizens and apparently most of Europe, but they can’t stop this harassment. They have a facility in Utah that can store an Exabyte of data. I’m sure in that database  Rachel and her ilk reside. Catch them and throw them in a cell. Give us their phone number so we can call them at dinnertime.

I’ve done it all, pressed 9 and talked to someone in some boiler room in some backwater hell-hole in some country. All I ask is stop calling! Recorded them, swore at them, blew the air horn… did it all.

Don’t bother trying to get removed, all that does is show that your phone number is active.

Everyone I know gets these calls. Here is an idea, charge everyone an extra penny to make a call. I’ll pay that willingly, but I bet that hurts those who are calling you right now. Is that your phone ringing?

Most calls are spoofed, this one is not in service.

I’ve filed a complaint with the FCC today we’ll see what happens.

This is your FINAL offer, you can lower your interest charges


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