Apple vs Android (no contest as far as I’m concerned)

I may rustle some feathers with the Steve Job cultists but this was no contest.
I wanted to install the app for controlling an Olympus camera via WI-FI. This would allow remote control of the camera so I can capture birds etc.
I have an iPhone 4 and a HP Slate  10 inch android tablet
Tablet installation steps
  • Go to Google and choose apps
  • Search (via voice) for Olympus Image Share
  • Download App
  • Turn on camera and display the QR code
  • Type scan on installed tablet application.
  • Tested it, works!
iPhone installation steps
  • Go to apps icon
  • type in Olympus Image Share (a few times with those damn little keys)
  • enter password
  • password refused
  • try again ( a few times)
  • Go to iTunes Store on desktop
  • enter password (failed)
  • change password
  • change password to something that is sufficiently difficult to remember
  • set questions
  • first car? VW?  too short
  • set up payment information (for a free app)
  • agree to some kind of legal document (might as well be the Mein Kampf)
  • enter new complex password
  • go to iTunes store (enter password again)
  • find the app
  • download the free app (paid $0.00)
  • agree to more stuff
  • app for phone is uploaded to the secure iCloud (the one with the nudie celebrity photos)
  • go back to iPhone
  • enter new password a few more times allowing for finger errors.
  • download from iCloud to phone
  • start app
  • turn on camera
  • point phone at QR code
  • get some cryptic error message that makes no sense
  • Give up and decide to use the tablet for any meaningful work

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