The Peoples Place Music Jam

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The Peoples Place in Gardner Massachusetts is a community center established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It provides a variety of services to the community such as educational forums, smoking cessation, financial planning, health care transportation, parenting and much more. It is also the location of a regular music jam for the local enthusiasts of traditional music.

There is always a mix of instrumentation and skill level and it is great fun to play music with other folks. Some people come just to listen while they knit or read a book. To find out more about the open music jams please email:

Peoples Place Bluegrass Jam
Betty and Lew Wilson

Heidi and Pam sing “From Cradle to Cross to Crown”

From Cradle to Cross to Crown (G)

He was born in a manger a small tiny stranger

in a quilt that was carelessly made

just some boards nailed together not fit for a beggar

was the place where my Saviour would lay


Down through the ages the people sang praises

for the light of God’s love shining down

as it shines I can see the pathway before me

from cradle to cross to crown

Through the gates of the city crawled a man filled with pity

while bearing the weight of the Tree

as they ruthlessly nailed Him it seemed just Father had failed Him

but He knew what His purpose must be

It was on Sunday morning, He awoke with the dawning

shattering death’s mighty hold

now He’s back home in heaven,




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