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Trump Supporters
Trump supporters at the Milford NH Labor Day Parade – 2015

I was speaking with Marcy Samel our  technical writer yesterday about Candidate Donald  J. Trump. She was telling me how the possibility of his presidency was filling her with anxiety. I share her unease however I keep hoping that rationality might prevail after Super Tuesday.

Today Marcy shared a term she invented for this unease, one that I hope will become popular in social media. One that encapsulated the feeling that sentient beings have about the coiffed orange man.

Trumpotusphobia  (n) – extreme fear that Donald J Trump will become the 45th President of the United States of America. Hashtag – #trumpotusphobia


One thought on “Trumpotusphobia

  1. Chrysophobia (from Greek chrysos, “golden yellow”) is fear of the color orange. This fear often come about due to negative experiences involving the color orange, such as spilling orange juice onto their laptop. Sufferers would avoid seeing things that are orange, otherwise they may panic. Most chrysophobics would avoid being exposed to artificial lighting, so they tend to sleep the whole time when sun is down, while avoiding looking at the setting or rising sun.

    Chrysophobia affects approximately 250,000 Americans.


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