The Dream

Find the Bluegrass Band IIIrd Tyme Out at

I get the opportunity to play some bluegrass music with folks on the weekend. This is one of the tunes that I like and is perfect for this Good Friday. Listen and sing along.

The DreamIIIrd Tyme Out (recorded in F)


One night as I lay on my pillow, while asleep in a dream i did go.

To the place where they crucified Jesus on that old rugged cross cruel and cold.

There the greatest love story was written, visualize with me if you will.

Our savior on that April morning as he carried the cross up the hill.



I saw the nails, those old rusty nails and the crown made of thorns that he wore.

So sad was the scene that I cried in my dream so great was the pain that he bore.

They scorned and they mocked , he drank the bitter cup as he hung there with two common thieves.

For he had to fulfill his father’s own will and I was right there in a dream.


(mandolin instrumental)


As I stood there on top of Mount Calvary in his pain I could hear his sad cry.

From the sixth hour till nine there was darkness in my dream oh so helpless was I.

I thank him for that day on the mountain, the price that he paid was supreme.

And in my heart I will carry a picture of what I saw there in a dream


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