I’m settling for Hillary

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I voted for Bernie Sanders but I am not on the #BernieOrBust bandwagon. Senator Warren’s endorsement of her last night sealed the deal for me.

Once again I’m in the position of voting for the lesser of two evils but in this case Trump is clearly the more dangerous choice. Bernie has accomplished a lot by highlighting issues that are important to voters. Hillary is pragmatic, she knows she needs these voters and hopefully she’ll pick a progressive running mate.

Folks can support Gary Johnson and Jill Stein and feel they are making a statement but frankly the interests that run the country don’t care. I think they see it as divide and conquer. Trump is already making  a play for them to revolt against Hillary.

Mitch McConnell is hoping that Trump will stick to the “script”.Ponder what that means. The authors of the script do not have your interests in mind.

“Am I ready for Hillary? Yes. Am I excited? No. It’s like getting a shot. Are you ready? Yes, I’m ready for it.” – Bill Maher

Or it could be…

Trump Supporters
Milford Labor Day Parade – 2015

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