Online Content Platform Shutting Down

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I enjoy sharing photos and thoughts on blogs and a while back I thought it would be a good idea to get paid money for doing it. I submitted some example posts to an outfit called and after being accepted (I think everybody is) I waited for the big bucks to start rolling in for my thoughtful missives and wise observations.

It didn’t quite work out that way for me. I had the toughest time with the photos which had to be a certain size. There was no automatic saving in the editor and I lost what I wrote a few times. Eventually I used another editor and cut and pasted the completed posts.

What I found most annoying was the number of ads that appeared in the final online edition. I even had ads thrown at me as I wrote the articles.

The money started rolling in in pennies. Approximately a penny a click. I was writing about New Ipswich, NH which is not exactly that exciting (I like it that way). Too much hassle for the effort. Apparently they are going to suspend publication in July. My articles are still floating in cyber space but they stopped paying me when I stopped writing for them. I am probably out about thirteen dollars and 23 cents by now.

They didn’t offer to a way to zip up the old articles but I found a way to recycle them using Chrome. Here is an example.

For more information see

Online Content Platform Shutting Down



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