Corsica On Five Coffees a Day

Enchanting Corsica

The Trumplandia Review

At first, when I selected myself to write a review of my recent travels in Corsica, I wasn’t sure I was up to the challenge.

“That’s crazy,” I told myself.  “I have no experience as a travel writer.”

“Just write the same stupid crap you always do,” the other me assured.

“You’re an idiot,” I told the first me.  “I don’t write crap.  I write penetrating social comment.”

“No, you’re the idiot,” the first me shot back.  “It’s a travel guide!  Just copy stuff from all the other travel guides!”

I had to admit, I had a point there.  I had perfected the art of copying back in high school.  At last, I consented.  This is my report:


Corsica is a land of contrasts.  (That is how pretty much any travel book or article about Corsica begins.  Because travel writers basically describe everywhere as a “land of contrasts”.  Send…

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