It’s About the Ground Game

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How many time have you heard the term “Ground Game” applied to the politics? It refers to organizing folks to knock on doors and make calls for their candidates. Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate, but she does have the “Ground Game”. Recently I saw it in operation when I attend the annual Labor Day Parade in Milford, NH. Milford is the ideal venue for Politicians, it has an town oval that concentrates folks and has what might be called good “optics”. The Democrats were there in force, driving around on a truck bearing the Teamster Union Label. Lots of banners and even balloons. No sign of Trumpsters and folks like Kelly Ayotte didn’t bother to add his name to their banners.

John and Kelly
I had the opportunity to meet Kelly Ayotte. She is an advocate for Veterans but her “support” for the orange idiot is a non-starter with me. The refusal of voting on the nomination of Merrick Garland sealed the deal. Sorry Kelly, I know you are a good person but Trump? I wasn’t going to argue with her on Labor Day she was very pleasant. I also had the opportunity to meet with Maggie Hassan but no “Selfie”.
Hassan, Kuster, Hillary
The Democrats have the volunteers and the balloons.
Trump Supporters
This was the Trump effort, two guys offering a signed hat. I did sign up. I will post a photo if I win. I’ll do something creative with the hat.
Trump Supporter
I felt a little sorry for this guy. I asked if he was going to be in the parade and he was going to meet up with the Trump supporters. I assume those two guys would eventually wander by, but no one else.

One thought on “It’s About the Ground Game

  1. I just called Kelly’s office for the 11th time since March to ask about her status on SCOTUS nomination – if Clinton wins, will Kelly stall / stop like it seems McConnell will do? I have periodically called my representatives with a question and have ALWAYS gotten some response. In Ayotte’s case.. 11 calls and 1 response about ZIKA virus [which I never asked about. The funny thing is a friend called with SCOTUS question and also got ZIKA virus response. ]. I guess I am being blacklisted. The interns or whoever is answering insists I am not, but why does this keep happening? My cynical friends and family say “don’t bother calling” but now it has become a bit of mission with me.


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