I Love You, Spamfolder People

The Trumplandia Review

I Love You, Spamfolder People

A Roman à Spam

by Rottington Post

The following is based on the author’s actual spamfolder contents.  Names have been changed to protect the identity of the actual email bots.



From:       Lily Valentina

Subject:   Why Aren’t You B@nging Me?

Bang your neighbor, it’s totally normal! I am not about love and marriage, I am fully about sxx!  Busty girl-next-door 5’7”curves luvs 2 please.   We can play different roles.  Click me.
See ya soon!


From:      Rottington P.

Subject:  Re:  Why Aren’t You B@nging Me?

Thanks so much for the generous offer!
I’m so relieved to learn that it’s totally normal – and from an expert such as yourself.  I am already fantasizing about the normal things we will do together.  I’m all about sxx too.   Seems like we would have a lot in common.  By the way, I love your minimalist prose…

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