This old white guy

Still Learning To See

jrs-2-3 My wife and granddaughter leading the way!

It is time for this old white guy to take a further step aside to make more room for more of the world.

jrs-2-2 Where are we headed? Who is winning? Who is losing? Are we just chasing our shadows? So many questions!

Many old white men like me have too long tried our best to manage the world and, honestly, from my point of view our results are pretty terrible. It turns out life is simply not a sports event where one team can win, game over.

jrs-05362 Timeless fun in a pile of leaves.

jrs-02321 The house where my grandson pictures himself with his family. Isn’t this what we all want?

jrs-03014 One of my heroes in life, my father-in-law, picking hickory nuts, a job traditionally done by old men, probably in part because they/we value the time to simply think.

I’m ready to move over and make room…

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