Hot Pockets for President!

This has to be your best posting ever*

I’ve actually replying to Trump’s tweets, Recently he criticized another company going to Mexico and I gave him the advice to bribe them and they might stay. I’m trying to be helpful.

*not based on fact

But is based on fact that I am now replying to Trump’s tweets and I strongly suggest that EVERBODY respond. Yeh, Donald Baldwin did a lousy impression of you, right on dude.

The Trumplandia Review

As a matter of principle, The Rotting Post does not endorse commercial products.  Our endorsement could cause a run on a product, disrupt the free market, send the global economy into a tailspin, and lead to widespread anarchy.   But when it comes to Hot Pockets, we must make an exception.


Why?  To begin with, just look at this packaging:


That’s right.   It actually cites a made-up taste test and then says, “Not based on a fact.”

This is packaging for our new, post-factual world!  For the future!  Thank you, Hot Pockets.   And to show our gratitude, we would like to offer you, for free, the use of this this catchy new advertising slogan:

People Just Love the Delicious Taste of Hot Pockets*

*not based on a fact.

But out admiration of Hot Pockets does not end there.   In the upper right…

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