The Schoolyard Bully

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Chuck Jones, the president of United Steel Workers Local 1999 called out Donald Trump asserting that Trump assertations about the number of saved jobs was incorrect, it was just too much for the schoolyard bully. He immediately pounded away on his twitter account.


There are some that say we should give Trump a chance, that he will “grow” into this job. I honestly feel that the guy is not right in the head. Why is this “friend of the working man” singling out a working man for his ire?

Mr. Trump’s message to his 17 million Twitter followers set off threats and other harassing calls to Mr. Jones. One caller left five one-minute messages, and two secretaries answering phones at the local’s headquarters have been similarly swamped.

“It’s riled the people up,” Mr. Jones said. “A lot of the people who have called and been not very nice to me, they have been quite clear that they are Trump supporters and I’m an ungrateful so-and-so.”

Mr. Jones refused on Thursday to back down from his criticism of Mr. Trump. And he shrugged off Mr. Trump’s claim that he had not done enough to help the workers his union represents.

“Hell, I know what I did for the last 30 years,” Mr. Jones said, noting his work on behalf of pensions and salaries that average $23 per hour.

But Mr. Jones also said that he and the president-elect have been on the same side when it comes to trying to protect the livelihoods of blue-collar workers. He said he would happily collaborate with Mr. Trump to try to save the 550 Carrier jobs still scheduled to be moved to Mexico.

“If he in fact called today, and said, ‘Let’s get together to save the 500 jobs,’ I’d be glad to do anything I possibly could to work with him in any fashion,” Mr. Jones said. “I don’t foresee that happening.” – Source New York Times



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