Beauty Secrets Have No Place in a Free Society

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The Trumplandia Review

Have you noticed how everyone is revealing their beauty secrets these days?

TV Actress Ashley Madekwe reveals in Allure that, “I love the laid-back style of Alexa Chung,” whereas Alexa Chung herself (whoever she is) opines on, “Brow shape is so important for framing your face.”  Meanwhile, Selma Hayek informs us in Glamour that, “You can put guacamole in your hair.”  (Is that one really a secret though?  Isn’t that what everyone does with their leftover guacamole?)

Even the venerable New York Times has jumped in with this important scoop:

Molly Ringwald Shares Her Beauty Routine, and Likes Her Freckles

Wow!   That’s huge news.  Sure, Russia hacked our election and our president-elect wants to restart the nuclear arms race, but did you know that Molly Ringwaldlikes her freckles?

The article itself is full of momentous information.  The actress not only tells us that she wears an…

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