The Trumplandia Review: Week 3

The Trumplandia Review

In This Issue: 

The Best Words!  The Best Spellings!  Plus: The President Gets Debriefed.  We Have the Shocking Pictures!

It’s been another news-filled week in the former United States, and the @failing Trumplandia Review is here for another weekly round-up.


It all kicked off with Bill O’Reilly asking President Trump, a so-called “person”, why he supported Putin, given that the Russian Regime are killers.  El Presidente brought his usual penetrating analysis, full of deep insight and a careful weighing of all sides of the issue:  “You got a lot of killers,” he replied.  “You think our country is so innocent?”  So brilliant!   When Donald Trump says he’s got the best words, he isn’t kidding!  And we’re not just talking about, “bigly”.  Or even, “pussy”.  He’s also got, “got”!   I wish I had a word as good as “got”!   Plus he doesn’t just have the best words.  He’s got the best…

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