Running like a fine-tuned machine



2 thoughts on “Running like a fine-tuned machine

  1. Sadly John I cannot continue to open anything from you and will unfriend all Poltrack musings. When did this family become so bitter and, dare I say, politically hateful. Emilia, who lost a son for freedom and love of this country, would be appalled at the disrespect for the government and it’s leaders. What do you hope to achieve with so much negativity??


    1. I consider Donald Trump to be a great danger to my nation. His characterization of the press as the enemy, his mocking the federal judicial, his embrace of Putin, etc etc. Once it all unravels I predict his impeachment. I am exhausted by the various assaults on our democratic institutions by this man who only desire is to enrich himself and his family. I do agree that I need to let up ont vitriol, it is exhausting me, so as a courtesy to you and the family I’ll stop with these.


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