The Trumplandia Review – Week 8

Joaquin Castro is my hero

The Trumplandia Review

Friends, Fellow Trumplandians, Former Americans:  Our president has finally explained how he knew that bad (or sick) President Obama had tapped his phones.   Let’s take a look:

trump explanations

It turns out that our hero president has incredible superpowers – much like little Jeff in the old TV show, “Lassie”.  Remember how Lassie would go, “Ruff! Ruff!” and Jeff would say, “Oh my Gosh, Uncle Buck slid down the canyon!”  And Lassie would go, “Arf!” and Jeff would go, “And he’s twisted his ankle!  Hurry, Lassie.”

Well, it’s the same exact way with Donald Trump and The New York Times.  The New York Times uses the word, “Wiretap” and Trump exclaims, “Oh no!  Trump Tower’s been wiretapped!” and the New York Times barks, “Wiretap” again, and Trump declares, “Oh my God!  Obama did it!  Hurry, Kellyanne!  Get my laptop!”

Of course, as Press Secretary Spicer repeatedly explained to all you lamestream media…

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