New Decade

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify. At one time I thought it would be a great idea to create several blogs, each with its own theme. This is one of those niche blogs. On August 8, 2018 I decided to transition to a single, self-hosted blog which I named My Strange Life.

However I have no intention of forgetting the folks that actually read my posts. Without readers this is just a wasted effort. Here is an updated list of posts that are available at my new location.

  • by John Poltrack
    Are you having strange dreams or trouble sleeping? I know that I have had some strange ones. We are all being affected by the Pandemic, even if we don't think we are.
  • by John Poltrack
    I've been pulling these weeds up for over 40 years. I'm slowing down but they keep coming back. Thinking about control measures.
  • by John Poltrack
    I had to move a fully grown Northern Lights Azalea. It wasn't easy but it appears I was successful. I love the new location.
  • by John Poltrack
    Sadly I had to say goodbye to my cat Paris. She was a wonderful companion who brought me joy and solace.
  • by John Poltrack
    Memorial Day ceremonies have been canceled because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. However we were able to place flags on the graves of Veterans while maintaining social distancing.

Moving Day


I have set up a self-hosted WordPress Website. That will become my new blogging and website home. Please find me over there.


Please join me at my new site and subscribe for more strangeness

Moving Day
Moving out

Retiring Random Musings


The time has come to simplify my online presence. I have too many separate blogs, emails and addresses. I’m rolling them all together into my website with a simple address.


Some blogs like this one haven’t been updated for some time, so I am “retiring it”. Thank you for your patronage.
However the musings (and rants) continue on Google, please check out my  Collections on Google
These are the links:

The Trump Reign (on Google)

The Next Seven Decades (on Google)