March for Science

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Happy Earth Day science fans.  I don’t plan to march for science today but I support those that will. Sad that the administration seems to have so much enmity to science and embraces the world of “alternative facts”. It was not always that way.

In the 1960s President Kennedy pushed for education in science and technology. I  benefited from that education.  Trump is no Kennedy.

My sister created some signs for the March on Science. She is NOT a “paid protester”.


Standing Rock Protest

“All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian.” —Pat Paulsen

We had our fight, but it’s not over for Native People and the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline. Sadly this story is not getting enough coverage by the press and it should.


The case against gas pipelines – CommonWealth Magazine


30bd9-10713981_793347454071446_473528129952725545_oThis is the first in a three-part series of opinion pieces that will appear on consecutive Mondays. ON MARCH 20, 1886, the world’s first alternating current electric grid was powered up in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The steam generator, power lines, and transformers were revolutionary and, in the 130 years since, the electric grid has transformed(…)

Source: The case against gas pipelines – CommonWealth Magazine

Will Kinder Morgan’s Plan To Export Natural Gas Give Pipeline Opponents Their Best Argument Against It?

The dubious prospect of a corporate export business built around a pipeline funded by what is effectively a tax casts a long shadow over the public perception of the project. The [Northeast Energy Direct] pipeline would fit neatly into a corporate strategy of expanding presence in the nascent LNG export market.

Source: Will Kinder Morgan’s Plan To Export Natural Gas Give Pipeline Opponents Their Best Argument Against It?