Presidential Joke Day – August 11

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On August 11, 1984, United States President Ronald Reagan, while running for re-election, was preparing to make his weekly Saturday radio address on National Public Radio. During a sound check before the address, Reagan made the following joke to the radio technicians: “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.” The joke was a parody of the opening line of that day’s speech: “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you that today I signed legislation that will allow student religious groups to begin enjoying a right they’ve too long been denied — the freedom to meet in public high schools during nonschool hours, just as other student groups are allowed to do.”[1]

Contrary to popular misconception, this microphone gaffe was not broadcast over the air, but rather leaked later to the general populace.[2] But the Tokyo newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun reported in October 1984 that the Soviet Far East Army was placed on alert after word of the statement got out and that the alert was not withdrawn until 30 minutes later. An unnamed aide to US Representative Michael Barnes (D-Md.) confirmed that the Pentagon was aware of the alert.[3] There was no report of any change in the DEFCON level for the United States. The Soviet reaction, and mild confusion it created, was covered by NBC newsanchor Tom Brokaw.[citation needed]

This was not the first time Reagan had joked before giving a speech or address.[4] The Soviet official news agency, TASS, condemned the joke, declaring that “The USSR condemns this unprecedented and hostile attack by the US President” and that “this kind of behavior is incompatible with the great responsibility borne by heads of nuclear states for the destinies of their own people and mankind”.[5][6]

The quip became the basis for a song titled “Five Minutes“, as well as “A is for Atom (B is for Bomb)” by Monte Cazazza‘s band The Atom Smashers, both of which began with a clip of the recording.[7] – 

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Imagine what President Trump might say

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The Nuclear Threat

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Trump Rally
Could this guy have his finger on the launch button?

There are times when satire is indistinguishable from reality as in a recent “news story” from The Onion.

I think my own feelings about Donald Trump were expressed most eloquently by Representative Duncan Hunter (R.-Calif.).

Him talking about things and saying things about things are different from him saying what he is going to do,” he said. “I think he’ll do what he says he’s going to do–I am not trying to parse words–I think he’ll do what he says he’s going to do, but, he says things about things that I don’t endorse and I am not going to try to articulate for him.”

Doesn’t that make you feel safe and secure in your bomb shelter?

Billy Crystal Eulogy for Muhammad Ali

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Billy Crystal delivered a very moving tribute at Muhammed Ali’s Funeral. He references a piece that he called 15 rounds which I’ve included in this posting. Spend the time to watch both videos.

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By Polish Press Agency (PAP) – [1], #5/28, Public Domain,


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The Lupines are in bloom in my garden and I’ve been on the lookout for Dennis Moore.

“Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore,
Riding through the night.
Soon every lupin in the land
Will be in his mighty hand
He steals them from the rich
And gives them to the poor
Mr Moore, Mr Moore, Mr Moore.”

“She’s bloody dying and all you bring us is lupins. All we’ve eaten mate for the last four bleeding weeks is lupin soup, roast lupin, steamed lupin, braised lupin in lupin sauce, lupin in the basket with sauted lupins, lupin meringue pie, lupin sorbet. We sit on lupins, we sleep in lupins, we feed the cat on lupins, we burn lupins, we even wear the bloody things!”

Male Peasant

Poltrack Garden 2016

Finnish News Team

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It helps to hear from the international community about our election process. I swear this is funnier because it is in Finnish.

“These two are hoarding away votes like arrogant swedes at a meatball lunch”

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