Four More Years of This? Eight?

Follow Donald Trump on (No kidding, he actually has a page)

Fidel Castro once delivered a marathon 4 hour and 16 minute speech to an enthusiastic New York audience. He spoke of the AIDS pademic in Africa and the caloric intake of Cubans.

Fidel is dead but we have  guy that loves rallies, he loves them so much he is on sore-winner tour. The crowd cheers “Lock her Up” and “USA”. Demonstrators get ejected, and the President-elect basks in the glow of their adoration.

He railed  about the press, made fun of Martha Radditz for crying when he won, talked about Katy Tur “getting it wrong”.  The audience of deplorables ate it up. I was suprised to see that the wall came back into his stand-up monologue. I assume this will be a high priority for his infrastructure initiative.

I guess this will be the new reality. Donald on perpetual tour doing his greatest hits. Ugh, I don’t like being part of the Apprentice Show.