What were they thinking?

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You know they probably thought this was a good idea, personalized stickers with our first names emblazoned on them. “Freds for H”, “Marys for H”. It works for most names, but my first name is John and somehow I can imagine this might be taken in the wrong context. I should donate and get one before someone in the Clinton team  has an “Oops” moment.


I wonder of that team of advisors were inspired by a satirical piece that was published in February 2016?


Is Coca-Cola okay with Mitt Romney?

As we all know, Mitt is just a regular gazillionaire, just like us. A regular guy, a burger and fries guy.

A while back I received an invite to share a burger with Mitt and Ann and talk about my concerns. There was a    $5 donation request but I figured Mitt would be able to cover that for me.

The stock photo intrigued me because of the prominent placement of the Coca-Cola logo on a cup. I have some familiarity with political photography (I live in New Hampshire) so I realize that corporate logos are out. So he must be doing a little product placement action, just like Hollywood.

Here is the photo (I saved it)

I missed out on my first burger date with the Romneys and my $5 but I just received a NEW offer. Strange as it might be, there is a slight difference in the photo. I have not altered these photos.