Hey Trump, don’t trash my state

No one has ever died using my Amazon Link on Cyber Monday, that cannot be said of Black Friday

The Commander in Twitter typed this today:


I didn’t vote for this guy, and I hope that we can survive under the Kakistocracy of his reign.  However I have to ask in which recess of his adolescent brain did the idea that New Hampshire has SERIOUS voter fraud? I can vouch for my state. When we go to the polls we have to present a photo ID. We mark PAPER ballots which are read by an optical scanner. There is physical evidence of how we vote.  Why does this guy have such a problem with telling the truth?

After he won the election I told myself that I needed to take a break. I was unhappy with the result and there was nothing else to do but donate money to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, NRDC, SPLC, and ProPublica.

I told myself to stop blogging about the guy and posting to Facebook. But the guy is going after the state that I call home and that I love. Why pick on Virginia, a beautiful state?  I was stationed in California in the Navy, what a great place. Why single that out? What the hell is wrong with this guy? Can you believe he actually won?

I have only questions, no answers. Sometime in the future presidential historians will write books about this. I hope I’m around to read them.