Doomsday Watch: Underground bunkers surge in sales

Finally some good economic news! According to an article in CNNMoney sales of luxury doomsday bunkers is up 1000%. This makes me think of my childhood, living in the shadow of the bomb, polio and communism.

If you have the money you can contact a company like NorthWest Shelter System.

Or if you are the do-it-yourself type, I offer plenty of books at my Doomsday store.

Doomsday Watch: Magnetic pole shift may drive humans and animals mad

“Demented armies of zombie-like animals—rats, squirrels, raccoons, even beloved pets—could turn on humans in frenzied, bloody assaults.”

writes Terrence Aym in a Salem-News article about the effects of the pole shift upon human and animal life. The recent news of mass animal deaths raises some questions, could this be a contributing factor?

Regarding human life, magnetic fields can influence mental states as research into transcranial magnetic stimulation has shown. One theory is that UFO sightings and abduction experiences are nothing more than the brain’s reaction to shifting magnetic fields. There is a lot to ponder on this subject.

Doomsday Watch: Attack Squirrel in Vermont


“The squirrel reportedly stalks its victims, launching itself repeatedly at innocent people going about their normal business” – L. S. Carbonell

Yikes, more proof that doomsday is upon us.

Read about it here  and here and here and here!

Watch the terrifying video!

Doomsday Watch: Shortage of Nuclear survival items

The quadruple disasters in Japan are capturing the attention of the world (earthquake, tsunami, nuclear accident and even a volcano). In this country I’ve noticed that a lot of my nuclear survival items are out of stock. Could these shortages be a harbinger of the future when we really do have a local disaster? I remember the empty store shelves in the ice storm of 2008. Also the shortages of generators.

Doomday watch: Betelgeuse to go supernova in 2012

Betelgeuse might already have gone supernova, and if it did the light might reach us in 2012 depending on the accuracy of our measurement of it’s distance from earth. For a while Earth will be illuminated with two suns and a beneficial shower of neutrino particles.

This event (should it occur) would tie in nicely with Mayan predictions. For more information read this article from Gary A. David.

For more fun facts check out the website TheOrionZone


Doomsday watch: The Stuxnet computer virus

Every New Year I make this silly resolution to be more positive and upbeat kind of guy. But that gets tiresome after a while, so I’ve decided to embrace my true nature as an observer of impending doom.

We’ve all gotten the email messages about greeting card viruses which will “destroy your hard drive”. These viruses are annoying but they are unlikely to kill you.

The Stuxnet computer virus is the first worm virus that was designed to reprogram industrial systems. The Wikipedia entry speculates that is was used to attack Iran’s nuclear program (another Doomsday choice for me) but naturally like all viruses, I have a strong feeling that this will be used for other mischief.

I’ll leave it to the readers to imagine their own doomsday scenario but I think chemical plants, nuclear reactors, refineries and the electrical grid might be good targets. I hope someone is looking into this.