A new look!

Times change, technology changes
I’ve been posting to the three blogs for some time. This is blog I use for political stuff, videos and general commentary on the human condition. It was formatted using one of Blogger’s pre-configured templates. It took a bit of tweaking to get it to appear as I wanted.  A while back Google came up with a “dynamic” template that had some nifty features like flyout menus and some animation to the photos. It was cleaner and less cluttered. It was also BUGGY. It has matured and I finally decided to move all the blogs to that template. You can see all the posts just by scrolling downward. You can also select HOW the postings will be displayed from a menu of choices.
It’s not perfect, it has a few bugs but an active online community gives solutions. I like it because I don’t have to tweak the template as much. I also think Google is doing a better job of promoting the site. 
I think the site is cleaner an more attractive now, the ads are still there and I hope you use them. Unlike Facebook, I actually get some money from purchases from the Amazon and Adsense purchases. Thanks for the patronage
Here is a preview of the screens you can choose (menu dropdown in upper left corner).
This is the classic view, very similar to the original format, most recent blog is posted.
On the right you can find a fly-out menu with several choices, This is default view

Magazine View
A choice that displays several postings in a “magazine” view
Menu selection pulldown on the upper left

Mosaic View
All photos no text, click on photo to see the details
Upper left dropdown

Sidebar View
Labels displayed

Timeslide View
Organized view by date

Right side fly-out has a “slideshow” choice which shows ALL the photos


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