March for Science

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Happy Earth Day science fans.  I don’t plan to march for science today but I support those that will. Sad that the administration seems to have so much enmity to science and embraces the world of “alternative facts”. It was not always that way.

In the 1960s President Kennedy pushed for education in science and technology. I  benefited from that education.  Trump is no Kennedy.

My sister created some signs for the March on Science. She is NOT a “paid protester”.



Happy Earth Day Everyone

I celebrated Earth Day by picking up other peoples trash along Fox Farm Road this morning.
I’m not sure how their trash ended up along my road, perhaps it fell off a truck on it’s journey to the transfer station.
I was happy to learn that the Twisted Tea company that produces much of the trash along our road is sponsoring a photo contest. I tried to enter the contest with my clever photo but got an upload error. I will try again. 
My morning haul
I like the contrast of the yellow packaging against the earthen tones of the pine needles
The Mountain Dew was an inspired touch. Thanks for that contribution.

This was my contest application
I can definitely attest that my photo does NOT depict Santa Claus
However I got an upload error when I tried to send it

Maybe they don’t appreciate ART