Will Kinder Morgan’s Plan To Export Natural Gas Give Pipeline Opponents Their Best Argument Against It?

The dubious prospect of a corporate export business built around a pipeline funded by what is effectively a tax casts a long shadow over the public perception of the project. The [Northeast Energy Direct] pipeline would fit neatly into a corporate strategy of expanding presence in the nascent LNG export market.

Source: Will Kinder Morgan’s Plan To Export Natural Gas Give Pipeline Opponents Their Best Argument Against It?

Slay the Water Bottle Monster

A production by the 4H Monadnock Robotics Club

Filmed at Boynton Middle School in New Ipswich, NH

I was shocked to learn that 80% of these bottle were not being recycled!   One of the mentors explains how this video came together.


The middle school FIRST FLL team I volunteer to mentor is heading into our preliminary competition on Saturday. One part of the competition is for the team to prepare a presentation to a panel of judges on a topic of their choice based on a theme. This year the theme is trash recycling, and our team chose a project which promotes reducing the use of disposable water bottles in favor of reusable water bottles. They did research on the subject and produced a video which they will be showing at the competition. They also contacted a company which markets a reusable glass water bottle which offered us a promotional discount for the video and provided samples for the team to demonstrate.

A component of the project judging is how well you communicate outside of your team to promote your idea, so we’re spreading the word as far as possible to ask people to view the team’s video on YouTube. If you have a moment and don’t mind taking the time, click on the link and watch Slay the Water Bottle Monster to support our team. It’s about 4 minutes long and you might even find it fun and entertaining. We’ll call attention to the view count when we present to the judges. Comments are welcome as well and can only help.

John Weber (Mentor)

Chief Technical Officer

Sea Street Technology


LEGO Mindstorm robot systems can be found at Amazon.com


Ain’t Gonna Pass

Here we go again, an open rant to vandals

What is the story about vandalism in New Ipswich? If you don’t like it here, get the hell out. Believe me you won’t be missed. Burning tires, trashing the pool. What is the matter with you?

It’s bad enough we have to pick up twisted tea bottles and cans on our morning walk but setting fire to a porta-potty that was provided for kids to use on a ball field?  Don’t you like kids? What is wrong with you people?

When I first came to this town, we used to swim at the beach across from River Road. The land owners were okay with that and then some jerks decided to break some bottle on the beach. How brilliant is that? Guess what? no more swimming.

I repeat, if you are unhappy with our town, if it doesn’t meet your expectations, a whole world awaits you.

Latest escapade at the ball field near Damsite 35
Previous attack on a venerable Porta-Potty

Apple pie with Annie Kuster and other democratic candidates

Woody Meiszner hosted an “Apple Pie with the Candidates” event at his barn in New Ipswich on Saturday Oct 8th, 2012. Annie McLane Kuster, US Congressional  candidate was the guest speaker.

Annie spoke of taxes, health care, Social Security and the environment. Other candidates in attendance

The apple pie, mulled cider, hot coffee and fresh apples were delicious. Thanks Woody for hosting this and thanks Tom Hawkins for the logistics.

Nina Winters – New Ipswich artist

There was an article in the Monadnock Ledger about sculptor Nina Winters. Nina spends some time in New Ipswich.

Winters, whose work on “Samurai” brought her to Oregon and Montana, says that the summers and autumns she spends in New Ipswich provide a much-needed reprieve from her high-paced globetrotting. “There’s such a sense of calm and purity,” she said, “and I can feel my potential when I’m there. It’s not intruded in upon by the city. I love urban environments, but when I’m there [in New Ipswich], it’s sort of just me and my creations. Everything just kind of settles down, it’s a very peaceful place to create.” Winters first landed in the Monadnock region in the late’70s, when she hopped from farmhouse to farmhouse in Temple, Jaffrey and Harrisville. She still remembers the day she went blueberry picking on Wildcat Hill and spotted a parcel of land near an eight-acre pond. “It was just an exquisite place,” she recalls, “and I thought, ‘Wow, I wonder if I could buy that?’” At that point, she says her connection to the landscape was too strong to break. “I said, I want to put some roots down here. I love it,” she said. “Except for the black flies, it’s the perfect place to live”

What’s all this fuss anyway?

I got this email yesterday

Dear Poltracknet,Congratulations! On behalf of the Currier Museum of Art and WMUR, we would like to inform you that we have carefully selected your photographs “Freestyle” and “Codger” to be displayed in the exhibition Portraits with Attitude in the Currier’s Community Gallery.  Your Portrait with Attitude will be on display in the Currier’s Community Gallery starting this Saturday, October 15th.  In addition, we will include your name/ulocal username and description of the photograph in an attempt for other viewers to better understand your message.  We hope you will come by to see your photo on display. For more information about visiting the museum, go to www.currier.orgThis project is held in conjunction with the current special exhibition Backstage Pass: Rock and Roll Photography on view through January 15, 2012. For more information about the special exhibition visitwww.currier.org/nowonview.aspx.Save the Date! Portraits with Attitude exhibition will close with a celebration reception on Saturday, January 7, 2012 and you will be able to take home your printed photo.  An invitation will be e-mailed later this fall.Share this project with your friends and family so they can experience and admire your Portrait with Attitude at the Currier! If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at tmeyer@currier.org. We hope to see you soon! Sincerely,Tess Meyer

Please understand, I’m not as menacing as the character I depict. I was looking for a mood.

The kid on the bike put on quite a show at the New Ipswich playground during the Octoberfest of last year.  I hope he gets to see this at some point. They did air it on WMUR at least once.

New IpswichOctober2010-60

New Ipswich Library Composite

I’ve been practicing with selection tools in Photoshop. The exterior of our library has changed only sightly in 100 years so it was a natural to choose to composite an old postcard and recent photo. I chose the area around the old entrance because that was a feature that had changed.

The perspective was different so I need to distort the selection area to match up the roof line. It’s not perfect but taught me a bit about the tools. Here is the sequence:

Old Postcard

Library 2009