President Obama Speaks on Immigration at Del Sol High School

CBS poll on Obama’s first year in office

I’m trying to head off a torrent of “reply to all” family emails about a CBS poll which shows how Obama gets a failing grade for his first year in office, so I decided to post the link on this blog so folks can weigh in as they seem fit.

A link to the poll can be found by clicking here.

A disclaimer mentions that it is not a scientific poll, demonstrating how CBS can save money by not hiring a polling agency. It also demonstrates the current state of “journalism”

I think I’ll add a poll for myself, not really that hard.

Go ahead, weigh in! I moderate this blog, so be civil.

Obama Manju

Paul R brought a treat from Japan. A rice and flour confection with a sweet bean (Azuki) filling. These come from the town of Obama.


I was lucky, most cakes only show the back of Obama’s head. I have one rare one with his face!


There was some kind of strange “oxygen absorber” packet inside that heated up when I opened the package. I tried dumping it in water to see if it would explode. Sadly it did not. Maybe I should try to microwave it.


Don’t think these are going to be a favorite with me. I prefer the Harvest cookies that we used to get from Trader Joes, but I ate one anyway (I did vote for the guy).


Thanks Paul for bringing these to me.

This land is your land

The highlight for me of the “We are one” concert at Lincoln Memorial was not musical but symbolic. It was the sight of Pete Seeger singing “This Land is Your Land” to the president elect and a gathering of thousands. This was a complete and welcome suprise.

Some bloggers have already jumped ugly with seeing the former blacklisted performer on stage, so I’ll remind them of the inscription on Seeger’s banjo:

“This little machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender”