Trump the Triceratops

Donald Trump explained via the 1990s TV show Dinosaurs.

Hopefully the real Trump Reign will end differently than the final episode of the series:

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The series finale of Dinosaurs, titled “Changing Nature”, depicts the irresponsible actions of the dinosaurs toward their environment, and the ensuing Ice Age which leads to their demise. In the episode, a swarm of Bunch Beetles are unable to show up and devour a form of creeper vine. Charlene discovers that WESAYSO has constructed a wax fruit factory called FruitCo on the swampland that serves as the Bunch Beetles’ breeding grounds, causing the extinction of the species (save for one male named Stan). Fearing a public relations fiasco more than any environmental threat, WESAYSO quickly puts Earl in charge of an attempt to destroy the vines, which have grown out of control without the beetles to keep them in check. Earl proposes spraying the planet with defoliant, which causes the destruction of the vines, but also kills off all plant life on the planet. B.P. Richfield assumes that the creation of clouds will bring rain, allowing the plants to grow back, and so decides to create clouds by dropping bombs in the planet’s volcanoes to cause eruptions and cloud cover. The dark clouds instead cause global cooling, in the form of a gigantic cloud-cover simulating the effects of what the viewer would recognize as nuclear winter that scientists estimate would take “tens of thousands of years” to dissipate. B.P. Richfield dismisses this as a “4th quarter problem” and states that WESAYSO is currently making record-breaking profits from the cold weather selling blankets, heaters, and hot cocoa mix as the result of the “cold snap.” Later, Earl apologizes to his family and Stan for his actions that led to the end of the world. Baby is assured that no matter what happens, they will always be a family. At DNN, Howard Handupme concludes his final broadcast.

The Daily Show takes on Illegal Immigration – The Latinos are coming (featuring Danny Trejo)

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Jon Stewart on POTUS-Partum Depression (watch the Scott Brown segment)

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“Do I have the best credentials? Probably not. ‘Cause, you know, whatever. But I have long and strong ties to this state” – Scott Brown

Why would anyone vote for this guy?


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