Men and women are different! It’s all about the hormones

I heard an interesting segment on CNN’s “Sanjay Gupta MD”. Dr Gupta was interviewing Dr Louann Brizedine author of “The Male Brain”. She described the profound effects that sex hormones have on behaviour.

We are different, we think different. This is a good thing.

The transcript may be found here.

Is Gravity spanning the fifth dimension?

This is the type of scientific musings that captures my interest, however I can’t comprehend it. I was listening to a podcast which mentioned that gravity is a lot weaker than the electromagnetic forces. The physicist postulated that the perhaps the majority of gravitational force was being expressed in the 5th dimension. If we were 2 dimensional beings (flatlanders) then something moving along the third dimension would only appear to us when it intersected our x and y axis. We would see it as a flash. But I can’t get my head around a force that exists partly in our 4 dimension space (including time) and partly in the 5th dimension. If someone can help me out with this, add a comment.

PS – I think the dimension count is about 13 so we can cover UFO’s as inter-dimensional space in another posting.