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Christie endorses Trump. I confess  I never expected to see this. I just lost all respect for Christie. Can you imagine ANY  of these clowns being President of the United States?

Chris Christie Town Hall Meeting

I didn’t see the “debate” but apparently it was surreal.


Ted Cruz

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Happy New Year

It’s the year of the monkey which seems especially appropriate with only one day till our Presidential Primary. I missed the opportunity to see Ted Cruz yesterday in Peterborough, NH. There were no more tickets available. I am not a fan of the guy. Apparently nobody else likes him very much. Sad isn’t it?

Give me a break

I say:  “Ted and Sarah,  just shut up, please shut up
You do not represent me, you are publicity hounds. It’s tedious to see you on television”
Ted and Sarah, If you really had concern about “honoring” veterans you might work on ending the shutdown so folks who work for the Veterans department could get back to work. Of course those optics would not be as self serving as using WWII veterans as a backdrop for your venom. nbcLP={};nbcLP.aRandomNumber=Math.floor(Math.random()*10000);nbcLP.currentPageLoc=encodeURIComponent(window.location.href);nbcLP.currentSiteLoc=encodeURIComponent(;nbcLP.defaultWidth=652;nbcLP.defaultHeight=367;nbcLP.cmsID=”226821591″;nbcLP.vidPid=”drjoXfuPMedu”;nbcLP.vidSec=”TK”;nbcLP.vidSubSec=”TK”;nbcLP.vidFrame=document.getElementById(“nbcLP226821591″);”none”;nbcLP.vidFrame.width=nbcLP.defaultWidth;nbcLP.vidFrame.height=nbcLP.defaultHeight;nbcLP.vidFrame.scrolling=”no”;nbcLP.vidFrame.src=””+nbcLP.cmsID+”&videoID=”+nbcLP.vidPid+”&width=”+nbcLP.defaultWidth+”&height=”+nbcLP.defaultHeight+”&sec=”+nbcLP.vidSec+”&subsec=”+nbcLP.vidSubSec+”&turl=”+nbcLP.currentSiteLoc+”&ourl=”+nbcLP.currentPageLoc+”&rand=”+nbcLP.aRandomNumber;
Other may Veterans have different ideas about this, that is fine, they can share those thoughts in their own blog. This is entirely my rant.

And the lesson of this story is

You may rant and rave that you don’t like green eggs and ham, give speeches and threaten to shut down the government, but try, just  it try and you may decide you DO like green eggs and ham