UFOs, Nazis, Vampires and Abe Lincoln

I didn’t realize how little I knew of history. Thankfully we have some upcoming movies to teach us about Nazis on the moon and Abe Lincoln taking care of the Vampire problem. Here is a sneak peak:


Doomsday Watch: Magnetic pole shift may drive humans and animals mad

“Demented armies of zombie-like animals—rats, squirrels, raccoons, even beloved pets—could turn on humans in frenzied, bloody assaults.”

writes Terrence Aym in a Salem-News article about the effects of the pole shift upon human and animal life. The recent news of mass animal deaths raises some questions, could this be a contributing factor?

Regarding human life, magnetic fields can influence mental states as research into transcranial magnetic stimulation has shown. One theory is that UFO sightings and abduction experiences are nothing more than the brain’s reaction to shifting magnetic fields. There is a lot to ponder on this subject.

Greetings ETI, how are you doing?

I was listening to the podcast of “Go Ask your Father” on This American Life which featured a story about Allen Tough told by his son.  Professor Tough’s life’s work has be the search for contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. In the podcast his son recalls how his father would listen repeatedly to the Pink Floyd album “Dark Side of the Moon”. I suppose this choice of music might prove inspirational. Personally I thought the whole “Hearts of Space” catalog would have been a better choice.

Previous contact attempts were made using  radio transmissions and the gold anodized plaques placed on the Pioneer spacecrafts. But let’s face it, everyone must know by now that the real communication medium is the internet. The aliens are probably not only reading blogs but uploading cat videos to YouTube.

If you are an alien or know one, you may sign into the site. The URL is http://www.ieti.org/. Give a listen to the SETI song on that site.


UFO base and alien embassy

Don’t you just love the internet? Brad sent me a link for an article describing how the Republic of Kazakhstan is building the first alien embassy. You can read it here.

Obama has really let me down in respect to UFO’s and alien contact. I’m sure that all the newly elected presidents are handed a folder with ALL the secrets, Roswell, alien encounters and more. Why not share this with the public? It would take our mind off the sinking economy. As a leader of the free world, shouldn’t we be building the first alien embassy? Didn’t Klaatu visit Washington DC as his first stop? There was the incident with Gort, but military drew the first blood.

The only President that had a word to say on this was “Give Em Hell” Harry Truman. Step up to the plate Obama, I’m waiting.